Sanskar Pratisthan has kept themselves abreast to the society to understand their problems. Looking ahead for resolutions, they have planned to increase their boundary to fulfill the requirements of all needy people. They have below four projects for development:

  1. Residential School for Mentally Challenged Children
  2. Agricultural Rehabilitation Center for Mentally Challenged Adults
  3. Music School
  4. Old Age Home

Music School and Old Age Home is in process and will be opened soon for all.

Residential School for Mentally Challenged Children

We have started a residential school for such children at Ambadvet, Pirangut, Tal. Mulshi, Dist. Pune with a view to find a solution for this problems. At this school our endeavour is to make students self-reliant. Hence, in addition to routine school education we teach them various skills. We are constantly making efforts to bring enjoyment and happiness in their lives through variety of programmes implemented in the school. At present 70 students are on our role. They get benefit of free education and residence. We have also thought of long range plan which would go long way in helping mentally challenged adults to lead a more or less comfortable life.

Sanskar Pratisthan was formed in June 1984 and opened Residential School for Mentally Challenged Children and Agricultural project for Mentally Challenged Adults for the children below 18 years of age. Initially it was started with 5 students, in a small area and in a limited resource. Thereafter earning faith and confidence with parents, student strength has grown to 35 nos and 25 adults. This school operates as normally as any other school. It has summer vacations, Diwali vacations, Christmas vacations, and all national holidays. It also has a hostel for students. Academic cycle of the school in from June to April. In long vacations or festivals, student can go back to their parents and return before school resumes. Admission process is opened for June and July only.

School is well equipped with classrooms, hostel, playground, well trained staff and a hygiene premise. It has a gift of nature's beauty too, as the school resides in the mid of hills. It has got fresh and pollution free climate which keep students healthy and away from diseases and disorders. It is spread in 6 acre land, surronded with serene beauty.

Classrooms are conducted by experienced and skilled teachers who majorly focus teaching on practical and creative way. They always try to find newer techniques for keeping student's interest high.

Along with other education, Arts, Drawing, Music, and Handicraft education is also given to students.

Students are kept well busy in the nursery looking after 1000 different trees.

Students can also earn by Tailoring-cutting, tree plantations and other several activities which are trained by teachers.

Hostel premises are well maintained and open to nature's beauty. It has 2 big halls, one common dining hall, playground, and laundry machine. All rooms, clothes and kitchen is cleaned daily. Food is cooked in hygienic and healthy way by using natural resources. Hostel can accommodate around 60 students.

School playground has instruments in garden, a carrom and a cricket ground.

Sanskar Pratisthan has musical instruments for learning and playing. Few of the students do keep interest in playing flute, drum (tabla) and harmonium. Dancing is one of the most favourite student's activity in which they participate for stage performance and competition.

Goverment grant is only for 30 students and extra expenses for other 25 adults, needs to be managed from Sanskar Pratisthan's donations.

Agricultural Rehabilitation Center for Mentally Challenged Adults

We have permanently opened an life time facility for the students who are above 18 years of age and would be taken care for rest of their whole life by Sanskar Pratisthan. These students do agricultural activities and farming where different types of crops are grown. Initially they need some guidance, however later they do and take care of farming on their own with minimal or no support.

In Sanskar Pratishthan, for adult mentally challenged students, there is a project of tree plantation, vermicomposting, cattle shed, and nursery to keep them busy.