At our school, we perform regular workshops for the students who can then work independantly without any guidance. Till now we have performed workshops on tailoring and cutting, book-binding, nursery, screen printing and horticulture. Adding to this, we have students who do agricultural and farming without any support and guidance.

We conduct regular workshop where students are trained in tailoring, cutting, tree plantations, making handicraft products, etc. Several such workshops are organized round the year to challenge student's abilities and promote the love of learning. In this they experience hands on activity and witness exciting demostrations. One to one interaction and attention is given to check student's progress.

Tours & Trips

As a part of yearly activity, we have been taking students to all different places in Maharashtra as a part of tours and trips. We have seen that, students really enjoy outing and gains some knowledge. Kokan, Gardens, and Hill stations are some of favourite destinations for all the children.

To keep the energy and enthusiasm level high, school arranges a yearly trip for all students and staff. Few of the visited places are listed below:

Balaji - Ketkawale
Purandar fort
Katraj Udyan
Medical Consulting

We have been always supported by all types of medical experts who gives a free consulting to students on monthly basis. Doctors visit the facility and do the regular check up for all the students and prescribes medicines. This generous job of doctor has helped our students healthy and any virus free. Also, needless to mention that medicines and surgical materials are also sponsored by them.


We perform sports activity at our school on yearly basis. We do organize competitions on District and Zonal level where our students participates and bring some medals and trophies for the school. At times our students visit other schools and participate in sports which is also one of the happy moments for them. Students participate in several sports such as Softball throw, Long jump, Cricket, Shotput, Running. These sports are conducted generally organized by:

District welfare office
Sanskar Prathisthan
Mahapaur Chasak, Pune
Prajakta Supe
Specail - Olympic- Bharat
Bal-Kalyan Sanstha, Pune