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Understanding day to day problem of mentally challenged children in the society, Mr. Vilas Kenjale and Mrs. Pratibha Kenjale thought of bringing similar kind of children under one roof and making them capable, atleast to do their daily work without anyone's support and help. To convert this thought into a reality, Sanskar Pratisthan was formed in June 1984, where like-minded people came together and opened Residential School for Mentally Challenged Children and Agricultural project for Mentally Challenged Adults. The couple had to go door to door to make parents of mentally challenged student understand the importance of this school and their objective. The path was quite challenging and had to deal on various fronts, such as convincing parents, monetary arrangements, resource availability, etc. However, staying firm on their decision and belief, this couple kept dealing with all odd situations, which has now ripen their efforts, in the form of having their own 6 acre land, Goverment Grant, school building, hostel building, playground and a well trained staff. The school is residing in nature's beauty and has pollution free, fresh and healthy air.

During all these years, they realized that the students who has grown above 18 years, were more happy to stay back in the school rather than going back to their parents and home. Hence, one more responsibility was added, a permanent hostel was opened and admissions to the students who are above 18 years of age can take admission and continue to stay in the school for rest of their life. Taking this point into consideration, they opened an Agricultural Rehabilitation Center for Mentally Challenged Adults. Now, these students can do farming and all other activities which are necessary for daily needs. They want to move beyond this and increase their boundary by opening Music School and an Old Age Home. In near future, there is a plan to open Old Age Home for 30 people.

Who We Are
Who We Are

Disability of children is one of the major social problems of the various forms of disability. Mental challenge is really very serious one. The suffering from the disability other than that of mental challenge can overcome their problems with the help of intellectual strength, this is not so with this children because their IQ is below normal.

This children are considered to be a burden on the family. They suffer humiliation in the society. They very much need love, affection and protection of which they are normally deprived. Parents having a mentally challenged child face number of problems in their day to day life.

We have started a residential school for such children at Ambadvet, Pirangut, Tal. Mulshi, Dist. Pune with a view to find out a solution for this problems. At this school our endeavour is to make students self-reliant. Hence, in addition to routine school education we teach them various skills. We are constantly making efforts to bring enjoyment and happiness in their lives through variety of programmes implemented in the school. At present 30 students are on our role. They get benefit of free education and residence. We have also thought of long range plan which would go long way in helping mentally challenged adults to lead a more or less comfortable life.

Aims and Objectives

Sanskar Pratisthan aims to educate mentally challenged students in such a way that, they should be self-independent, do their daily work on their own and create interest in small work which will keep them occupied and happy.

Board members
Trustee Governing Committee Consultant
Mr. Ulhas Kenjale Mr. Ulhas Kenjale Mr. Machindra Jadhav - Principal
Mr. Lalit Daga Mr. Lalit Daga Mr. Shirish Dasnurkar - Architect
Mr. Askaranji Agarwal Mrs. Kimiko Mehta Dr. Santosh Deshmukh - Medical
Mrs. Rekha Dubey Mrs. Prathiba Kenjale
Mr. Bhavarlal Ajmera Mr. Bhimaji Gole
Mr. Rajiv Agarwal Mr. Madhusudan Maru
Dr. Sanjeev Dole Mr. Hasmukhbhai Mehta
Mr. Hari Bhargav
Mr. Dattarya Ubhe
Mr. Ramesh Shah
Mr. Navnath Nagare
Mr. Ganesh Bhujbal